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Pool Service

pool inside the pool cage

Owning a pool and making it operate at the maximum and safest capacity possible is a full time job. There are so many maintenance processes that have to be done to make sure that the water is clean enough and the pool remains in great condition for a very long time. Staying on top of your pool conditions is very important but could also be time-consuming and stressful. This is why Kissimmee Pool Guys was created. Kissimmee Pool Guys are a pool service company that will take care of all the needs of your pool. We do all the work and go through all the stress of keeping your pool in great condition and making it safe enough for you to use.


Pool cleaning

Pool Cleaning is a very important aspect of our pool service. Pools have to be regularlycleaned so that they can be safe enough for use. Our pool cleaning service covers both the water and the pool structures. We offer pool structure cleaning services like tile blasting and acid washing. These techniques will keep your pool looking beautiful. Our Water Chemistry services will ensure that your water is kept clean and is safe enough for you to swim in. Want to know more? Give us a call today.


Pool repairs

Another aspect of our comprehensive pool service is Pool repairs. We offer a wide range of professional pool repair services. With use, pools get damaged as wear and tear sets in. Pool equipment that were installed about a decade ago are less likely to operate with the same efficiency they did years ago. They may need fixing or outright replacement. The need for pool repairs may also be a factor of poor pool maintenance practices. Kissimmee Pool Guys can help you fix your pool, regardless of whatever fault it may have. Give us a call today to find out more.


Pool resurfacing

Pool Resurfacing is another aspect of our pool service. This has to do with the tiles and surface of your pool. With use, the surface of your pool may begin to disintegrate because of the chemicals you to keep your pool water balanced. Resurfacing helps restore the lost layers of your pool’s surface. This will make your pool look more aesthetically pleasing than it did before. It will also improve the swimming experience.


Pool maintenance

Pool Maintenance is very important if you want to keep operational costs low and enjoy your pool for a lot longer than usual. Our pool maintenance services cover a wide range of things from filter cleaning to water chemistry. Regular pool maintenance will ensure that your pool is kept in great shape and is safe enough for you to use. Pool maintenance will also help us find all the tiny little things that need fixing before they turn to something too big and very expensiveto keep.

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