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Pool Remodeling

man cleaning the pool's water

If you have a swimming pool, it is almost very certain that it is the centerpiece of your backyard. When you first installed it, it looked so beautiful. It hosted so many parties and family barbeques. You may also have spent time sitting by the pool alone with a book or your thoughts. As the years roll by, it begins to look less beautiful than it did a couple of years back when you first had it installed at the back of your house. At a point, you think it is time to remodel your pool but you are not so sure. Here are a number of signs that would come up if you are looking to remodel your pool.



You should keep out for interior surface peeling, broken tiles, discoloration, and rust spots. If you see things like this, there is a chance that there is the need to remodel your pool. In some cases, these issues are nothing more than cosmetic problems. However, it may also be indicative of an underlying structural issue. It is also important to note that fixing the problem may not necessitate a full pool remodel. You may just need to retile the pool. It is important that you get advice from expert like us.


Inefficient equipment

If you begin to notice that it is coating a lot more than normal to renovate your pool, then you may need to upgrade your equipment. Equipment lose their value and effectiveness with use over the years. So if the cost of maintaining your pool keeps getting higher, an equipment upgrade might just be what you need to keep the costs low. It may seem like a costly venture. However, you should see it as an investment that will pay off in low operational costs.


Rough pool wall texture

The surface of your pool will wear down, as the years roll by. This will give will give the pool an aged look that you don’t like. If you begin to notice that the wall texture of your pool is getting rougher, then you should call us. We, the Kissimmee Pool Guys are experts in pool resurfacing techniques that will help restore the pool back to the way it looked when you first had it installed. It is important to note that the water chemistry of your pool plays a major role in the determining the texture of your pool. Balanced water chemistry will slow down the roughening of your pool wall. Incidentally, water chemistry is one of the service services that the Kissimmee Pool Guys offer.


Fading colors and patterns on the vinyl liner

You may notice that with time, the colors on the vinyl liner on your pool fade away or surface getting stained by algae or mold growth. The edges may begin to shrink which can cause leaks. This may mean that your liner needs replacing or that you need to remodel your pool. If you are not so sure, give us a call so we can come inspect your pool.

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