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Pool Cleaning

pool with clear blue water

The thought of swimming in a pool filled with leaves and gunky debris is enough to give you a fright. This is why pool cleaning is something that should be done regularly to protect you and keep the quality of the surface of your pool from being compromised. However, regular cleaning of the pool may not be convenient for you. This is why we are here to handle all the cleaning work so that the only interaction you will have with your pool is relaxation. Pools get dirty with use and having a clean pool is does not end with getting debris out of water. It also entails making sure the surface and the tiles are clean so that the water is not contaminated. At Kissimmee Pool Guys, we are able to make sure your pool is safe enough for you to use. You can book either schedules with us, where we will come in occasionally to do a thorough cleaning of your pool.



Vacuuming is a great way to keep your pool clean. It takes a lot of effort. However, since it ispart of our Pool Cleaning package, you will not have to worry about all the stress that you will have to go through doing it. You will only enjoy the benefits. One of the major benefits of pool vacuuming is the elimination of algae. Another advantage of regular pool vacuuming is the fact that the chemicals in your pool will beableto work more effectively. Thus making your pool water more chemically balanced. And finally, you get a nice looking pool at the end.


Tile cleaning

Even the cleanest swimming pools have this disgusting white stuff that stick on the tiles. This disgusting white stuffs are calcium deposits. When pool water is evaporated, the minerals in it don’t. Instead they turn into that disgusting white stuff that remains on the tiles of your pools. Having them cleaned can be very time consuming. Kissimmee Pool Guys can help take this stress off your hands. Give us a call today to find out more about how we can help you do this.


Filter cleaning

Pool Filters are very important to a swimming pool’s setup.Without a pool filter, dirt and debris can easily make its way into your pool. Anyone that uses a pool that is not filtered is exposing themselves to a huge health risk. Also, a pool without filters has a high potential for algae growth in your water, which is a very disgusting sight to behold. Pool filter are basically barriers that are installed by the water that trap contaminants and prevent them from entering the swimming pool, When the filters are overwhelmed with too much debris and contaminants, they begin to stop working effectively. This is why the filters themselves have to be cleaned regularly.

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